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towing iconFrequently Asked Questions

Q: If my vehicle has been impounded, what do I need to do to get it released?
A: The owner must get a release from the Police Department that ordered the vehicle impound. For specific information for each municipality, go the impound page.
Q: After I obtain the release paperwork, when may I pick up my vehicle?
A: Weil Wrecker is open 24/7 and vehicles may be picked up any time. ProTow (Hoover PD) is open Monday through Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-2pm.
Q: What property may I remove from my vehicle prior to release?
A: By Police Department orders, only the paperwork necessary for gaining the release (license, registration, insurance documents, etc) may be removed. The owner of the vehicle (must show proof) will be escorted by a Weil Wrecker or ProTow employee to the vehicle. Nothing else may be removed from the vehicle. In limited circumstances, the municipality may issue a property release statement. However, without this paperwork, nothing else may be removed.
Q: My vehicle was involved in an accident and requires repairs before it can be driven. Can I make the repairs before leaving the lot?
A: No. All vehicles must be driven from Weil/ProTow property. If the vehicle is inoperable, our employees can move it outside our gates, provide a jump start, or change a tire (fees will apply).
Q: If I need my vehicle taken elsewhere can I send another wrecker service to move it?
A: Weil Wrecker can move it (standard towing fees apply), or another towing company may move it (gate fee applies).
Q: If my vehicle needs to be held for inspection by my insurance company, can it be stored until my agent comes?
A: Weil Wrecker provides fully secured inside, outside and covered storage (daily storage fees apply). All premises are staffed and monitored by video surveillance.
Q: How are storage fees computed?
A: All fees are based on calendar days, and new daily charges take affect daily at 12:01am.
Q: What type of vehicle services does Weil Wrecker / ProTow provide?
A: Our professionally trained drivers are equipped to move everything from passenger vehicles, to large commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. We can also provide roadside assistance for vehicle lockouts, tire changes, and winch outs. See our list of towing vehicles.
Q: Do you provide any other services?
A: Weil Wrecker provides many other services including litigation inspection, long term storage, major vehicle recovery from accident sites, underwater and off-road recovery, and many other services. See our list of recovery vehicles.
Q: What happens if I do not pick up my vehicle?
A: Abandoned vehicles will be sold at public auction in accordance with state law, with all proceeds of the sale used to pay for any outstanding towing and storage fees.
Q: If my vehicle is damaged beyond repair, what can I do with it?
A: Provided the owner has a clear title, we may be willing to make an offer to purchase the vehicle or take the vehicle in trade to satisfy the outstanding towing and storage bill. The owner may choose to surrender the vehicle to have it sold at auction.
Q: If my vehicle is abandoned what happens to the contents?
A: If a vehicle is not picked up, after the state mandated paperwork is processed, the vehicle becomes the property of Weil Wrecker. The vehicle and all contents will be sold at auction.
Q: Are the auctions open to the public?
A: Auctions are open to the public and to dealers. Auctions are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The gates open at 10am and anyone is welcome to bid. We generally auction 120-150 vehicles or more each auction.
Q: How does the auction process work?
A: Anyone wishing to bid will be issued a bidder number when they sign in. A professional Auctioneer will bid each vehicle until the highest bid is received. Bidders will place their bid by showing their bidder number. All vehicles are sold to the highest bidder. Winning bids must be paid for and removed by the following Wednesday.
Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: All payments for services are to be made by cash, debit card or major credit card (no checks). Payments are to be made to the driver at time services are rendered, or if the car is towed to one of our lots, then payment is to be made in the office.
Q: What is your service area?
A: We are based in the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area. With multiple lots and facilities, we can quickly and efficiently tow your vehicle anywhere in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.
Q: How many drivers and vehicles do you have?
A: With over 100 employees and over 150 towing and recovery vehicles, we are equipped to handle all of your needs.
Q: Why should I choose Weil Wrecker?
A: Having been locally owned and operated in the Birmingham area since 1978 Weil Wrecker, ProTow, and our network of companies have the experience, ability, and resources to take care of all of your towing and recovery needs.